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addedValues Plugin 1.0.24

AddedValues is a Manila plug-in which implements message, gem, shortcut and member attributes in Manila websites. It can also gener`te arbitrary forms and deal with form submissions in a number of extensible ways.

addedValues is a direct descendant of John VanDyks' Metadata Plugin, created with permission, but it is a complete rewrite, so don't blame John.

Plug-in upated to version 1.0.27 (2016/08/09; 13:46:27), please disable then enable addedValuesPI on the plugins page

Version Date Change
1.0.27 2016/08/09; 01:44:54 static render URL for query subdirectory
1.0.26 2015/09/11; 01:03:10 computedmenus obey Never group in report
1.0.25 2017/07/11; 12:58:17 external roots for usetables must have timestamped offset value
XbitHAck filewriter variant when usign FTP
1.0.24 2015/05/03; 04:03:13 static rendering apache xbithack must apply when FTPing

We are grateful for the advanced free JavaScript-based WYSIWYG editors from InteractiveTools,.

We are grateful for the opportunity to use the DOM Calendar by Mihai Bazon. If you use the date selection window in forms please visit his website at and make a donation.

If the FrontierMath DLL is installed on your server, we make good use of it. Many thanks to to Arnold Lesikar, Andre Radke and Tom Clifton who graciously made the dll available in Frontier.

We are grateful for the Rico open-source javascript library which is used in search repors.

Thanks to the following for assistance and encouragement in the development process

  • Kris Krois, whose site has moved to Visual Language Collection, was the first serious addedValues website.
  • Eveline Frei at Udena Internet for design assistance.
  • Jerome Camus for stimulating design debate and bug location assistance above and beyond the call of duty.
Development of addedValues would not have been possible without financial assistance of Thanks to Benjamin Keen for his Postit javascript we used to implement comments for addedValues entities.

© David Bayly; Jobsurf Ltd. and John VanDyk 2002-2006. David Bayly; Jobsurf Ltd 2007-2008.

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It costs a great deal of time and effort to build plug-ins like addedValuesPI.

If you use and appreciate freely available plug-ins, send money to encourage more of the same. Or, commission some software, perhaps a manila extension or plugin or macro that you need.

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