Remote addedValues Search.

This is an extension to addedValues to allow searching one or more other addedValues enabled Manila websites. and presenting the combined results. To create a search you must specify location and names of the websites you wish to search, a Remote Site, and the query or form to use in each website to generate hits.

Define the remote Sites first, by specifying the website name ,and the domain and port number used in the home page url together with a Managing Editor account (email address) and matching password needed to gain access to the site. The data you enter is verified before the defintion is accepted. You name remote sites because you can use this data in one or more remote searches.

A Remote Search is defined as a search at one remote site using a form or a query from that site to generate hits and a report to identify the variables needed to present the hits. Once defined you may add more remote sites to a search, and provided a matching form or query exists in each new remote site, hits will be merged together and presented as the results of one search. Remote searches are invoked by passing the name of the remote search to the AVRemoteSearchMacros.query or macro.

Define a remote site
Your Name
Name of website (short)
Server http:// :/
Managing Editor

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