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Tabulation Reports


b206 a new way of reporting hits from a query or search form has been implemented. A tabulation report is rendered as an HTML table where each table cell contains all hits which have the same value for two variables. Hits in each row of the table a share a value of the sortedBy variable; while each column contains one value for the second variable, known as the column variable. The column variable is a property of the report itself, but the sortedBy variable is a a property of the query or form that creates the hit list, making this a very flexible reporting mechanism. Column variables must have predefined values and there must be more than 2 predefined values and less than a settable upper limit. You define a tabulation report by specifying the contents of five different flavours of table cells; which determine the layout of table, best understood by creating a dummy report. Lastly, tabulation reports have a new report option to show only rows which do not have values for all columns.