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addedValues 1.0.4 Now available

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inactiveTopic addedValues 1.0.4 Now available topic started 2007/04/25; 16:48:59
last post 2007/04/25; 16:48:59
user David Bayly - addedValues 1.0.4 Now available  blueArrow
2007/04/25; 15:48:59 (reads: 44678, responses: 0)
New Implementation.

- the emailForm postprocessor now honors the site settings for
confirmation when creating members.

- search forms may now contain computed menus.

- a new macro addedValueMacros.countryNationality takes a
countrycode and returns a nationality.

Bug fixes

- a bug introduced in 1.0.3 , and which was quickly fixed with a
patch going into the shipping version , stopped variables being
created or cloned.

- when meta values are inserted into the HEAD of a page, an
extraneous leading carriage return was inserted. Now it is not.

- the logic to validate the values of a textlist form element after
submit was incorrect. Fixed.

- Manila supports subtemplates, templates that do not describe a
full html page, now addedValues does also.

- the uniqueindexvalues builtin used in queries no as the leftmost
term, was incorrectly optimized by the parser, causing invalid
Usertalk scripts to be generated. Fixed.

- addedValues must occasionally decode the cookies of an http
request itself, it was not doing this correctly when the member
record had a blocked entry with value false. Fixed.

- when adding entries to the site structure, addedValues now converts
double quotes to single quotes and forward slash to spaces in the
name attribute (which is typically the subject of a message).

- the external virtual memberBulletinText didn't handle return the
value "Plain Text" when it should have. Fixed.

- testing a query displays the macro call to reproduce the output, it
did not correctly incorporate temporary values. Fixed.

- in reports, builtins with default values for named parameters, did
not always use values that were passed via the parameters. Fixed.

- setting the preferences in addedValues sometimes failed with a
cryptic message about wysiwyg editor. Fixed.

- deleting a scheduled task failed with an error, can't find a
address adrQueryInfoTbl. Fixed.

- a patch introduced in b298 to allow expressions such as literal
isOneOf multiple-valued-variable-name, broke other uses of isOneof.

Known issues

- none.


- David Bayly. Programmer and digest reader. dbayly at udena dot ch
Digest Readers do it once a day.