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form (members) gets a button-text Test-formid

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inactiveTopic form (members) gets a button-text Test-formid topic started 2007/05/07; 15:02:01
last post 2007/05/07; 15:44:53
user Zappatini - form (members) gets a button-text Test-formid  blueArrow
2007/05/07; 14:02:01 (reads: 88780, responses: 1)
standard validation script header : 02/10/25, 15:04:09 by DAB

user David Bayly - form (members) gets a button-text Test-formid  blueArrow
2007/05/07; 14:44:53 (reads: 62193, responses: 0)

Forms nearly always need a way to submit them; the default is a submit button

(other methods are to use , and in some
forms an onchange attribute of a form field will
work too)

Forms that edit messages are given a button by
Manila, which is why you do not have to think
about this when you make message form Manila
ETP. Its the most common case, so it is made as
easy a sposisble.

But when you create your own forms, if
addedValues notices you have no way to submit the
form - making it useless - it reminds you by
puttign a button at the bottom.

If you want to determine where the button goes
and its name, add the input statement above to
the form layout.

At 15:02 +0200 07/05/07, wrote:
>1) what I did
>In I defined 2 variables (Members) to
>extend the signup-form with AV-variables, but
>not with
>I defined a form for signup frmMbrsSignup
>(applies to Members, usage Manila ETP),
>bulletins.maenner.inHtml, and my own variables
>dEmailEignerMBRSt and dNameMBRSt.
>I call the form in an own page
> with
>2) what I expected to happen
>I expected a form with the button «Send» to be
>able to continue the signup-process
>3) what actually happened
>I get a form with a button «Test[[formid]]» I have never seen before.
>What's the meaning of this button-text? For users this text irritates.
>The singup-process runs with this form. The new
>member gets the e-mail with the code and he can
>finish the signup process.
>Thank you for explenations.
>gilberto zappatini
>zappatini gmbh, ludwigstr. 8, CH-9010 st.gallen
>telefon +41 71 244 41 71
>fax +41 71 244 41 72


- David Bayly. Programmer and digest reader. dbayly at udena dot ch
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