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tinyMCE not working as Edit this Page editor.

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inactiveTopic tinyMCE not working as Edit this Page editor. topic started 2007/05/10; 20:42:37
last post 2007/05/25; 06:27:08
user Josh Allen - tinyMCE not working as Edit this Page editor.  blueArrow
2007/05/10; 18:42:37 (reads: 70608, responses: 2)

I installed tinyMCE and the test link works as designed but when I click on any story to edit it the tinyMCE editor doesn't appear and I am left with the defalt textarea. My options in the Preferences for addedvalues are as follows;

Default Customised Manila Form : Yes
Default form javascript validation : Yes
Generate ID values for all form elements : No
Default textbox rows : 001
Default textbox columns : 065
WYSIWYG Editor : tinyMCE
tinymce Configuration : empty
tinymce aux. Javascript : empty
Manila ETP defaults to tinymce Yes
Default textbox WYSIWYG : Yes
Default visible entries in multibox : 004
Max. items in radio or checkbox menu rendering : 020
Max. items in dropbox menu rendering : 255
Size of picture bound square display : 100
Default items per row (multiple valued variables) : 2
Date controls date format : Date Month Year
Date Controls year width : YYY
Date Controls use Month names : Yes
Date Controls include time fields : No
Date controls time format : Hour Minute
Only Indexed values in search form menus/dropdowns. Yes

I am using Firefox 1.5 Windows, for somereason even the Test link is not diplaying tinyMCE in IE 6 on Windows.

user David Bayly - Re: tinyMCE not working as Edit this Page editor.  blueArrow
2007/05/16; 15:24:53 (reads: 73883, responses: 0)
Josh, sorry did not get notified of this posting, so missed it until now. The settings from a website that uses tinyMCE follow. Notice the configuration and auxiliary settings,I have found these to be needed.

If the test button works, then you have installed everything OK. I cannot think of anything off hand that explains what you see, I use FireFox2.0 myself, but I remember 1.5 as working. I'd suggest installing that and Firebug Mozilla plugin and checking for javascript errors,

IE 6 on windows comes from Microsoft, they always do it their own way. Mots probably its is something to do with the javascript security settings.

tinyMCE preferences:

user Dan Cash - Re: tinyMCE not working as Edit this Page editor.  blueArrow
2007/05/25; 04:27:08 (reads: 79094, responses: 0)
I also have this problem with tinymce.

(Test link works fine, but Edit this Page displays the default textarea.)

Was there a solution to this?

I am running addedValues 1.0.4, tinymce 2.0.5. Browser is IE6.

AddedValues tinymce Configuration and aux.Javascript are as per David's response of 16th May.