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Removing variable uniqueness (and forms)

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inactiveTopic Removing variable uniqueness (and forms) topic started 2007/06/18; 03:55:32
last post 2007/06/18; 03:55:32
user Ben Collis - Removing variable uniqueness (and forms)  blueArrow
2007/06/18; 02:55:32 (reads: 53910, responses: 0)
When a variable, previously set as 'requiring uniqueness', is then changed to not require uniqueness, I have witnessed that existing forms using the variable continue to validate for uniqueness on that variable.

I assume that the form when initially setup, builds a validation procedure for that variable and that the whole set of validations associated with that Form is set then for the lifetime of that form.

To resolve this - I selected to edit the form and picking the variable in the 'Adjusting Variable Rendering' section and clicked the 'Set rendering' button.

Is this what is expected in AddedValues ?

And is this the appropriate way to remove a validation from a variable/form ?