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addedValues 1.0.8 Now available

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inactiveTopic addedValues 1.0.8 Now available topic started 2007/10/18; 13:41:47
last post 2007/10/18; 13:41:47
user David Bayly - addedValues 1.0.8 Now available  blueArrow
2007/10/18; 12:41:47 (reads: 34125, responses: 0)
Fixed a bug where the member callback operation assumed that the
addedValues plugininfo table existed in a member record and sometimes
failed as a consequence. Now he table is created when necessary.

An internal routine that does housekeeping when cohorts change was
not always called. Now it is.

Testing search forms failed with "the name "flForceGrouping" hasn't
been defined". Fixed.

Non grouped search reports didn't always show last hit. Fixed.

- David Bayly. Programmer and digest reader. dbayly at udena dot ch
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