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addedValues 1.0.10 Now available

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inactiveTopic addedValues 1.0.10 Now available topic started 2007/11/12; 19:09:43
last post 2007/11/12; 19:09:43
user David Bayly - addedValues 1.0.10 Now available  blueArrow
2007/11/12; 18:09:43 (reads: 29447, responses: 0)
A bug where inspecting a group with no variables, but one or more
forms, showed an empty group has been fixed.

The main pages for reports, queries, forms, schedulers and updaters
were hanged so that the options contains a link to the group page
when appropriate.

a bug where an error message text was missing was fixed (errEntityNotEditable).

It was not possible to delete a row of a row place holder value from
a member record. Fixed.

The fix to ensure builtin indexes were kept updated (in 1.0.5) broke
storing values into message variables with unique indexed values.
Fixed. Also, the new or changed message callback was indexing all
indexed variables not only builtins variables, which wasted cycles
when a message was udpated. Fixed.

When a picture is uploaded, the routines that deal with this now
leave clues in the page table for other routines to know what picture
shortcuts were created.

A new postprocesser, pictureUpload, provides a way for managing
editors to give some or all members the ability to upload pictures
to a website. The postprocessor is interested in only two values a
picture shortcut and an optional description field. The postprocessor
always redirects the user to the standard manila view picture page.
To use this postprocessor, create a group, with 2 user transaction
variables theTitle (picture shortcut) and theDescription (no HTML
string). Make a form with a picture upload rendering for the Title,
set the post processor to pictureUpload. Control access to this form
using the accessible To in the options (a cohort may be used here).

The picture rendering for a string variable with picture shortcut
semantics allows limiting the size of pictures upload to fall within
a box, with a specifiable padding. The error messages generated when
pictures fall outside the permitted range are now much improved.
Also, there are two new ways that the shortcut can be generated
"initials then Title" and "initials then timestamp". Initials means
the first character of each word in the name of the member who does
the upload. These options reduce the probability of name clashes
when many members are independently loading pictures , for example
with the pictureUpload postprocessor.

a bug that stopped schema dumps, with message "Unexpected table
externalurls found" was fixed.

An observation by Jans Storms led to an optimization of the 3
operators for indexed string variables that cannot be handled with
binary searches and subsequently perform serial operations on indexes
- contains, endsWith and uniqueIndex Values. Serial operations in a
tight loop need to yield control to allow other threads (hits and
housekeeping) to run from time to time. AddedValues was yielding
too often - after each index entry was processed - so such searches
were slower than necessary. The optimization consists of changing
the logic to yield after N entries, the trick is knowing what value N
should take. Too high a value means one hit thread can "hog" the
available CPU at the expense of other hits. To help fine tuning, a
new preference in the Search and Query panel "Pause index loop ops
after" is now available. The value may be changed to any integer form
0 to 999, with a default of 137. It is only used when the operators
are constructed for a new variable or when the variable methods are
rebuilt, so changing the number has no immediate effect.

- David Bayly. Programmer and digest reader. dbayly at udena dot ch
Digest Readers do it once a day.