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addedValues 1.0.12 Now available

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inactiveTopic addedValues 1.0.12 Now available topic started 2008/02/15; 16:55:33
last post 2008/02/15; 16:55:33
user David Bayly - addedValues 1.0.12 Now available  blueArrow
2008/02/15; 15:55:33 (reads: 25581, responses: 0)
- links in the inspect and Xref response pages for groups now have a
link popup (title attribute).

- RSS feeds from Manila websites that have been set members only
using the manilafixer preference setting were not sending a realm
authorization, as occurs if the Manila post 9.6 setting in Editors
preferences is used. Changing addedValues to make this work would
invalidate existing subscriptions, so a new addedValues preference -
RSS URLs public - has been implemented to cater to the manilafixer

- the changes made in 1.0.11 to validate builtins erroneously
included attachfile which always failed validation. Fixed.

- modifying builtin variables from the variables detail page, failed
for a few builtins. Fixed.

- RICO reports, when defined build javascript to register with the
RICO library. The javacsript is passed a path, and this was "hard
coding" a part of a url making the site harder to move across
servers. Now the path is computed at report run time. Existing
reports will continue to work on their originating server, the path
is updated next time the report is defined.

- As required byW3C standards for the http protocol, search args are
now url encoded by the macros beginUserTransactionLinkPopup and

- static RSS render needs pathargs in dummy page table. Fixed.

- A bug for an obscure case of selecting a "best" url depending on
the current page context was fixed.

- testing a non search form now allows data from an existing message
or gem to be copied into the forms test data area. This small
convenience makes the testing a little more flexible.

- a typographical error in the builtin definition of messages
attachFile was fixed (noHTML vs notHTML)

- queries with expressions involving parameters could not be defined
, an incorrect error was issued. Fixed.

- a nasty bug which affected servers with multiple sites with a RSS
feed of the same name was fixed.

- the messagelink macro has been made static render aware

- a postprocessor schemaObjectTable as implemented. It gathers data
on each addedValues entity into a table which can be used to build
reports. A trope schemaObjects is available from the addedValues
website to create a group to make use of the postprocessor, see

- a typographical error in the builtin definition of RSS20Header
variables pubDate and lastBuildDate which prevented cloning was
fixed (invalid string validator).

- A bug when a page with a query macro call and sortDirection
descending would lose continuation pages in a static render. Fixed.

- a new qualifier is available for reports, shortcutStaticURL. It can
be used wherever shortcutURL is valid and in a dynamic site returns
the same value. If the page is static rendered however, the url is
converted to the static equivalent. In Manila sites with
ManilaFixer, static rendering to multiple destinations (aka scalable
content) is possible, by configuring a different static setup for one
or more templates. shortcutStaticURL is sensitive to this if the
template name is specified as a qualifier parameter; for example
[[shortcutValue shortcutStaticURL("templateID")]]. A complementary
builtin function, also shortcutStaticURL, has been implemented. It
takes the shortcut value, and optionally a template value. For
example , &£123;shortcutStaticURL(shortcutValue, "templateID")}. Lastly a
new macro , addedValueMacros.staticHomepageURL, wiht one optional
paramater templateID, returns the static url of the home page.


- David Bayly. Programmer and digest reader. dbayly at udena dot ch
Digest Readers do it once a day.