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addedValues 1.0.13 Now available

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inactiveTopic addedValues 1.0.13 Now available topic started 2008/06/10; 17:36:27
last post 2008/06/10; 17:36:27
user David Bayly - addedValues 1.0.13 Now available  blueArrow
2008/06/10; 16:36:27 (reads: 21315, responses: 0)
A bug in the view values display for multiple valued builtin
variables, where the values were not shown it the same way as non
builtins variables was fixed.

An optimization for search form submission is to use the preexisting
form dictionary when parsing the internal query a search form
generates for each submission. Previously a general dictionary was
generated as for queries. This change also allows mixed group search
forms to work as expected. For searches in some websites the
optimisation might be appreciable.

An unnecessary constraint imposed on the operators available for
indexed multiple valued variables which are columns in row
placeholders was removed. This makes relational operators (, >=,
=Query parameters are supposed to be visible in queries and reports in
two ways, the shorthand [[parameter(XXX)]] or within macro expression
as the pseudo-macro parameter(XXX). The pseudo-macro was not
recognized in forEachWhere boolean expressions. Now they are

Two new forEach (and forEachWhere) counters have been implemented,
forEachActualCount and forEachActualMax. They are most useful in
forEachWhere loops , because the forEachCounter does not necessarily
reflect how many times the loop has been traversed.
forEachActualMax returns how many times the loop will be traversed,
forEachActualCount takes values from 1 to forEachActualMax. The
syntax is the same as for forEachCount, either [[row-variable
forEachActualCount]] or pseudo-macro parameter(forEachActualCount)
and [[row-variable forEachActualMax]] or pseudo-macro
parameter(forEachActualMax) ).

Reports Help Text for a long existing but never documented report
qualifier - asLinkTo - has been added . The asLinkTo qualifier is
valid only for a variables whose Value Must Be property is
shortcut, picture or a gem. It requires a string parameter whose
value is the name of a message variable (for shortcut and picture)
and a gems variable for gem. It returns the value of the variable
for the entity pointed to be the shortcut, in other words its acts a
kind of symbolic link to the entity.

A (long standing) typographical error caused the indexProperty macro
to fail with "Can't find an address called g". Fixed.

Some recent hacking attempts of addedValues query continuations,
which were caught and foiled, are now caught a little earlier and

The values pseudo-macro would return an incorrect value for row place
holder variables if used in a report where a forEach was also used.

A bug in a key shorcuts routine was fixed.

The file.getPathaCar usertalk verb was exposed as a builtin to
addedValues, it return the OS dependent character used to delimit
file names on the running server.

Rendering a form sometimes failed if a message form contained
elements subject or body which were not required. Fixed.

Renaming a report sometimes failed, depending on report type. Fixed.

Sites created with current version of addedValues will have a rename
feature enabled by default.

Testing a search form could fail in the report phase. Fixed.

The documentation URL for the tinyMCE WYSIWYG editor has been updated
to link to the current wiki pages.

RSS feeds from members only sites required an additional unneeded
authentication step. Fixed.

Builtin variables that are stored in subtables of tables within the
the containing entity (message,member) assumed that the subtables
existed, and the put method failed if they did not. Fixed.

Typographical errors in the description of the picUpload post
processor were corrected.

A bug in the index delete for multiple valued unordered variables
with no special semantics was fixed. It typically became apparent
when a message was deleted but the indexed values were not .

A new controlpanel panel containing one boolean flag called Apache
XbitHAck controls whether statically rendered pages for the Apache
server containing Server Side Includes (SSI) are marked executable
or not. Apache may be configured to treat this is a flag to process
server side includes by setting the directive XBitHAck to on. See include.html#xbithack.


- David Bayly. Programmer and digest reader. dbayly at udena dot ch
Digest Readers do it once a day.