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addedValues 1.0.15 Now available

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inactiveTopic addedValues 1.0.15 Now available topic started 2009/07/07; 19:24:38
last post 2009/07/07; 19:24:38
user David Bayly - addedValues 1.0.15 Now available  blueArrow
2009/07/07; 18:24:38 (reads: 14630, responses: 0)
The majority of the changes here were made to extend addedValues in
way to give it the ability to create sitemaps. Nothing conceptually
new was needed, but some tweaks were required. Contact me for help if
you need to create sitemaps for Manila sites, including the special
purpose video, mobile and other flavours. For background information
see andÑ67.

I recently completed an unrelated project to permit Manila to render
pages with links (a tags) and pictures (img tags) with relative
urls, that is urls that describe a path relative to the current
page. This is most useful when they are static rendered , because
the containing folder of the statically rendered website can be moved
to another location and served by another static web server, without
change to the pages. Small changes were made to addedValues to
complement the Manila change.


- the time military builtin function now accepts single or double
seconds parameter.

- invalid or incomplete entries in the internal wysiwyg table could
provoke server error failures. Fixed.

- in reports , the list function can accept optional new parameters
to remove duplicates and/or xmlencode its values.

- the message builtin variable sitestructurepath is multiple valued,
yet selection of values with a subscript was not permitted. Now
subscripting is permitted.

- in reports, it is permitted to use forEachwhere on variables which
are multiple valued, but not columns of a row place holder variable,
but the subscripting was not handled implicitly. Now it is, and
expression such as

[[sitestructurepaths forEachWhere(sitestructurepaths beginsWith
"/mobile" and not (sitestructurepaths contains
"sitemap"))]][[sitestructurepaths]][[sitestructurepaths endForEach]]

work as expected

- in RSS reports, the maximum number of hits has been increased to 999.

- to complement my patch to Manila, addedValues can now create links
and img tags with relative urls. It uses the directives from the page
table to decice when to do this.

- the parser failed trying to generate an error message in an obscure
case where a constant was expected but a macro was returned. Fixed.

- the report functions forEachCount, forEachActualCount, and
forEachActualMax now work as expected when used on non row
placeholder variables within forEach loops.

- an error introduced into addedValues 1.0.5 broke the ability to add
a column variable to a grouped row placeholder variable. Fixed.

- a new macro - addedValueMacros.siteMap - creates Google compatible
sitemaps. It takes 3 parameters
1) queryID - the name of a messages query
2) reportID - the name of a messages RSS report.
3) parametervalues (optional,default "") - sets parameters used
within the query and/or report.

- query definitions were not permitting parameters to be used in
expressions using the within operator. Fixed.

- the expressions defining a query can now use globals of appropriate
types wherever literal values can be used.

- a new external virtual (currentPagePath) returns the path of the
current page.

- David Bayly. Programmer and digest reader. dbayly at udena dot ch
Digest Readers do it once a day.