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Download the addedValues Plugin

This page describes how to download and install the addedValues Plugin for Manila.

  1. Download the addedValues Plugin, its about 7.2 MB in zipped format.
  2. You will need a utility to unzip the file. AddedValues is shipped in its own root. The root contains a plugin, a table of macros, a table of rpchandlers, a suite - addedValuesSuite - which offers an API to Manila developers and some sample triggers and import extensions.
  3. To install the root, place the uncompressed file (addedValues.root) in the apps folder in the Guest Databases folder of your Frontier installation. Double click the root to open it.
  4. Run the #installer script at the top level of the root. This will ensure that Frontier will open the root at every launch and be capable of doing root updates. Note: this does not make the plugin available to websites. For that, you need the next step.
  5. Type addedValuesPI.install() into the Quick Script window (Main --> Quick Script) to run the plugin installer. The reason for this is that according to the Userland guidelines, Manila plugins must have an install script which needs to be run before they are visible to the Managing Editors of web sites through the Editors Only menu (Prefs -> Plugins).
  6. From your browser go to the controlpanel at <> and select the adddedValues menu item in the addins section. AddedValues configuration options are found on this page, you can enable the shipped Import extensions, Triggers and Form Post processors or not as required. You will need to return to this page to designate your own extensions, triggers and post processors as you write them.
AddedValues, like the Metadata Plugin before it, also conforms to David Bayly's proposal for plugin visibility management, which depends on a patch to Manila that Userland does not support. For more information, see the patch description. Once installed (and visible) the Managing Editors can choose to enable or disable addedValues for use in their web sites.