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Controlpanel Addin(s)

Controlpanel addins provide services to server administrators. For addedValues it is a way to configure server wide options. Many advanced functions of the plugin can make use of externally supplied (third party) scripts, but no external script is visible to websites or run by addedValues until it has been enabled from the addedValues controlpanel addin page by a server administrators.

Addins may be accessed in different ways in different Frontier versions.

The page is organised in panels, which are described on distinct pages in this website.

The first two panels display the installed version and timestamp of the plugin, and a request for support.


Other addins

b294 - a new admin website controlpanel addin eases some of the complexity of moving a fully featured addedValues site from one server to another. addedValuesInstallFromTools looks inside the #tools table of a Manila site for sub-tables with names importers, triggers, postprocessors, externalvirtuals, rankingformulae, customrenderers or dbsadapters. Each of their sub-tables is examined to determine if they contains a script (called script), and an optional wpText entry called description; when found a new enabled entity for that type is entered, because it is only visible to the site in question, it can only be used in that site. Other entries are expected for some types, for example triggers normally apply to messages or gems, but not both, the list value at triggerTypes controls. The point of this feature is that advanced scripters can develop their custom add-ons one server and easily move the set for deployment.