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b293 a framework to allow addedValues to interface transparently with external databases, such as Postgres or mySQL, has been implemented. The details of each the interface to each database application will necessarily differ and are isolated into DBS adapters - a set of hand crafted scripts which are enabled and configured only from the admin site. Once enabled the managing editor of each addedValues enabled website can establish one database to connect to by clicking on the Database menu item. This page allows the ME to connect to a a given server; nominate a database and choose groups whose variables values are stored in the database. Such groups are treated as if they are builtin groups and cannot be exported, modified , deleted or cloned. Variables are automatically defined to match the database fields in a way that is determined by the DBS adapter. The main goal of the interface is to be able to create queries and forms that search the database, but process the results through addedValues search reports, combining manila layout, addedValues form and report formatting with industrial strength databases. A secondary consideration is to allow data entry and editing from within a manila website. The API to enable 3rd party DBS adapters will be published when burnt in. DBS adapters for PostgreSQL and possibly other database applications will probably be made available through the website; however they will likely not be public domain, but licensed on a per site basis.