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addedvalues allows you to import content or addedValues definitions.


Importing content means creating or modifying messages, member records, or shortcut entries from external sources, such as text or xml files uploaded as Gems into your Manila website. The means by which the data is obtained and mapped to variables in your website is called an import extension. addedvalues ships with several useful import extensions, but the means exists for a Frontier capable scripter to write their own and install it using the addedvalues controlpanel interface.

pic_Import Content:

The import extension manages all steps of the import and may involve a dialog with the user, see for example "Managing membership using addedValues."


You may import object definitions from another Manila website into your website. You must have Managing Editor access to the site you are importing from, but it can be located on the same or another Frontier server. The source website must be have addedValues plugin installed. The source server must allow RPC access.

You first select a type of object, then the remote server is interrogated to determine the names of the eligible objects. You must then choose some or all of the objects and confirm your selection, before any action is taken.

pic_Import Definitions1:

You cannot use the import function to overwrite the definition of an existing object in the website.

The Manilafixer plugin has a similar import feature that works with some Manila website content, which complements this import nicely.

Another way to import web applicatiosn as a single oeprations from another addedvaleus enabled Manila website is to use Tropes.