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{addedValueMacros.pageNote(noteName, value, undefinedValue)}


{addedValueMacros.pageNote("Variables Page", "Y", "N")} N
{addedValueMacros.pageNote("Variables Page", "Y", "N")} Y


The pageNote macro, allows a web designer to save and recall values as the page is built. It takes 3 parameters, the name to remember a value by, a value and the undefined Value. It returns the current value stored at name,or the undefined value and overwrites it with the new value. The name-value pairs are discarded when the page is completely built (they are stored in the page table).

The pagenote macro can keep a numeric counter if

  1. the undefinedValue parameter is a numeric data type and
  2. the value parameter is string such as "+1", or "-2". In this case it returns a numeric value rather than a string.

In some rare instances, as for example in a foreach loop where a picture might be displayed, it is possible to not know whether a certain picture shortcut is already incorporated into the page. If the loop is written to use the pageNote macro to associate a flag with the shortcut value, then duplicates can be detected. This works because the same macro call, returns the undefinedValue the first time, and the value stored on the previous call thereafter.