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{addedValueMacros.verbThisPage (buttonID, condition, actionURL="")}


{addedValueMacros.verbThisPage("New Story Like this", "productStory", "")}


VerbThisPage extends the Manila ETP form by adding another button inside a form that if submitted, POSTs the msgnum and referer to the url determined by actionaURL or buttonID. This allows fatures such as a form with a button "New Story like This" that creates a new story.

If there are errors, the macro returns an error message in a string within an HTML comment.

The macro examines the actionURL parameter and if it begins With a { and ends With a } makes an attempt to evaluate the expression, after illegal macros are neutered. This defers evaluation until the last possible moment, and since the condition may not be true, that evaluation may be omitted which is a potentially significant optimisation.

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