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Batch Updates

b300- Batch Updates : addedValues can now construct forms which update more than 1 entity (message, gem, etc) from one submission. This feature is invoked by performing a search in one of the normal ways (query, form ) and displaying the hits in a search report whose report definition text contains variables with the new renderAs qualifier. The renderAs qualifier requires a single parameter, which must be the name of an existing update or row update form of the same applies to value as the search report, and that form must contain a rendering of the variable. That rendering will be used as a model to create a form element in the search report page. The report definition text may contain more than 1 such variable; and they need not all come from the same update/row update form, and, after the rendering is "stolen", changes to the update form are not noticed unless and until the report is edited again. Rendering from row updates forms may only be stolen for column variables within a foreach (or forEachWhere) loop in the report text. You may add a submit button(that is an input type = submit tag,or a button tag) to the page layouts of the search report , if you do not a standard button is appended to each page. Submitting a batch for update refreshes the current page; and reports how many updates were performed and how many failed because the entity was in use by another editor. For message entities, any triggers that apply are run. Constructing such forms is a necessarily dynamic process whose duration depends upon the hits per page, as does the processing of a batch update, so it good practice to keep hits per page small. It is worth noting that using a Batch Update searchForm is the only way to safely alter values of a column variable in more than 1 row at one time.