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b252 - the implementation of web developer notes for all entities was completed. In reports, forms, queries, triggers , updaters and timed tasks selecting an entity and clicking show options adds an extra line "Web developer notes" with a link. Clicking the link displays the existing notes as a type of "Postit Note" with a link to a popup window to add or delete notes. Clicking again hides the postit not. Notes for variables are visible from the variables detail page, and only when a single variable is edited at a time. The comments co-exist with the variable, are exported and imported along with it and are deleted if the variable is deleted. They are intended for developers on a website to communicate with each other and are never seen by anyone who is not a managing editor. Their use is optional, as controlled by a new option "Show Developers Notes" on the preferences page. This work uses an excellent free javascript from Benjamin Keen at

b268 - - the components of each programmers note are now enclosed in a span or div tag with a class of 'avpnotetimestamp', 'avpnoteauthor' and 'avpnotetext' for the the timestamp, author and text of each programmers note.

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