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Search Navigation Reports

About Search Navigation

When a search is performed (either by the query macro or a search form) and the results are presented in multiple pages; techniques to navigate between pages become of interest. addedValues caters to this need with navigation reports, search reports called from within page and group layouts in search reports. It starts by extracting the hits that define the start of each page and passes them as a hitlist to the navigation report which builds your navigation control. You determine where the navigation appears, by inserting a call navigation into a page layout, for example [[call navigation("subjectRolodex")]] where subjectRolodex is a search report which matches the applies to and groupname of the original search report.

The cut-down hit list is constructed so that within the navigation report, [[hitNumber]] corresponds to a page number and [[hitValue]] is the url to the corresponding page of results. The current page number is also available as a query/report parameter named currentPageNumber.


Here's an example, using one the RICO picture lister examples pictureListerRico2. , which is paged hit list with RICO onClick reports. The navigationreport lastUpdateMenu builds, a dropdown menu whose items are the lastUpdate for a message, from which you select pages showing messages which were last updated starting at that date. The assumption is that you have set the sortedBy on your query in a way that matches what your navigation report is presenting - it makes no sense to set sortedBy to subject but provide a navigation menu by lastUpdate - because the hits would then be in a random order of lastUpdate.

{addedValueMacros.query("everyPicture", "pictureListerRico2", sortBy:"lastUpdate", sortDirection:"descending")}

Navigation report subjectRolodex builds a "Rolodex" like set of links to each search results page withthe subject of the first hit on the page as the link text. The search has to have a modified sortedBy , we use a computed variable lowercaseSubject, instead of subject so that sort order is case insensitive; and it must call subjectRolodex as a navigationrport. pictureListerRico2b is a slighty modified version of pictureListerRICO2, with a different navigation report. The call to the query macro has a different sortedBy variable and it sorts aascending.

{addedValueMacros.query("everyPicture", "pictureListerRico2b", sortBy:"lowcaseSubject", sortDirection:"ascending")}