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RPC Handlers

b276 - infrastructure to support searching via rpchandlers has been added. The central additions are 2 new rpchandlers, search.query and search.form, which do the same task as the query and search macros except that the results are returned as an xml structure.The nature of the search is determined by the name of the query and optionally values for query parameters; or name of the form and values for the visible fields of the form. In the response, addedValues returns values for each of the variables used in the report along with some additional data (such as hit url) for each hit. Only queries, forms and reports which have been explicitly made available to RPC searches may be used in this way; and only if the username and password supplied in the RPC call identify a valid non blocked member of the website. Six additional rpchandlers allow interrogating the list of available queries, forms and reports, and retrieving the parameters, form variables and report variables. Before these RPC handlers can become available, the server administrator must run addedValuesPI.install. Future implementation might make use of these features to implement structured website searches of other connected, cooperating Manila website anywhere on the Internet and to combine the responses of multiple remote searches into a single response.