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RSS in addedValues

Points to discuss Formatting with reports of usage RSS

b179 - addedValues enabled websites now have the capability to generate completely customized RSS feeds. There is a new report type of RSS, which specifies a layout for each syndicated item and the number of items per channel hit. Many different types, with different combinations of variables, can be defined. They are invoked by a new addedValues url, with a path ending addedValuesPI/rss/<reportname> . Each hti to the feed receievs the last N messages from the discussion group. In addition, the messages to be included can be selected using an addedValues query , by using a path addedValuesPI/rss/<reportname>/<queryname>. - a new macro, addedValueMacros.rssLink, which takes 3 parameters complements the RSS work. It creates a link to a URL . The first parameter is a the link text, so it could be an orange button, plain text or any other convenient string. The second required parameter is the name of the report to use in the feed. The last optional parameter is the name of the query to use as a selection device.

b183 - RSS queries are now unconditionally sorted by lastUpdate. This is needed to support Etags.

- if HTML tags appear in the text that will be placed between tags within an <Item> </item>, there's a need to entity encode the HTML tags. This is now done automatically by addedValues when running an RSS report, with the restriction that all tags opened must be closed.

b271 - - a new way of serving message content via RSS has been implemented. The format of the RSS is determined by the definition of an RSS report , and the single message feed is accessed thru a special url, which begins with addedValuesPI/rss/report name/ and is followed by the site structure path to the page, with an xml suffix. For example,

flavours of RSS handling Using queries to select what goes into a feed Authorisation and access control a "feed" served by a RSS url from addedvalues can now require authorisation. There are several layers of security. All RSS feds are in the url directory addedValuesPI/rss/ and may contain 1 or 2 further levels. The first level is mandatory and is the the name of a report whose usage is RSS. The second is optional and must be the name of a query. If the url is one level and the discussion is open to be read by non members, there are no limits to the RSS feed. If the discussion group is closed, authorisation is required. If the url is 2 level, authorisation is always required. If the requestor has a membership cookie for the website, a logon is implied; otherwise addedValues enters an HTTP authentication process, so the requestor must supply a valid memberKey and password for the website. Once membership is confirmed; if a 2 level url was used; the memberKey must be a member of any cohort associated with the query.

- 1.0fc5 - addedValues can now render its RSS feeds to the static website. There is new preference , off by default, to enable this. The path to a feed flowed thru report reportname, with hits selected by query queryname will be /addedValuesStatic/xml/reportname/queryname.xml , but the directory addedValuesStatic/xml can be overridden for each site on its preferences page. Static sites are by definition public, so the feed contents is restricted to publicly visible messages. When a page with an RSS link is rendered, addedValues constructs a Timed Task , with a name RSS_reportame_queryname, to potentially render the feed once an hour from that point. Potentially, because no render is done unless a change requires it. Managing editors can view Timed Tasks and see the last 10 render attempts and their success, by highlighting the timed tasks for the feed, and clicking Show Options. The render times can be rescheduled and disabled there also. The feed rendering requires an enabled timed task action - renderFeed - which an be configured from the addedValues admin site addin page. If you run addedVAluesPI.install() in a quickscritpt it will be configured and enabled automatically.

10.fc11 user defined RSS feeds by member. - A new rendering for identifiers in forms, av Entity Menu, displays a menu of addedValues objects in the website, such as its variables, reports, forms, etc. The rendering options allow filtering the list by whichever is applicable for the object from applies to, groupname or usage.

- a new macro, addedValueMacros.searchAsRSSFeed, which works only when used within a search report , returns a link to temporary url which displays the search results - the hits - as an RSS feed using a specified RSS report . Since the url expires when the search results do, this "temporary feed" should be regarded as a test and debug capability only.

- the addedValueMacros.rssLink macro has been extended to use queries in member records. These queries are accessed by prefixing their name with the literal string member followed by a period. They may be created by a postprocessor called saveSearchAsFeed. By design, there's no user interface to edit or delete such queries.

- A new postprocessor, saveSearchAsFeed, allows defining the 2 components of a feed, the RSS reportname and the query - in this case derived from a search - to member variables of the current page member. The member variables queryName and reportName must be multiple valued and in the same variable group as the user transaction. Docuemntation for the postprocessor is available from the forms page if it is enabled on a server.

macro addedValueMacros.rssLink