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Timed Tasks

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b180 - a user interface for Timed Tasks is now available. Timed tasks are queries that run at a specified time and optionally at set intervals thereafter. The queries generate a hit list in the normal way, but the hit list is passed to one of a system administrator determined menu of actions. The addedValues controlpanel interface permits the server administrator to designate certain scripts as timed task action scripts and to disable and enable them.

b251 - timed tasks can now work on audit tables.

b252- timed tasks actions come in a table with a description and some optional housekeeping variables. They may now optionally contain the XML of a group - the configuration group - that consists of any number of user transaction variables, a single form to set their values and a single report to display them. After the administrator makes a configurable timed timed actions available from the control panel, an ME setting the action of his timed tasks to this action, will see a new button "Settings" to call up the configuration form and set parameters for the action. The timed task is not deemed ready to be enabled until this is done successfully. The action script can then be written to retrieve these values and act accordingly. Two example actions are shipped with addedValues reportToGem and mailReport; to make use of them run addedValuesPI.install() from a quickscript and then visit the admin web site page for addedValues to enable them.

b252 - action scripts for timed tasks can now take hitlists from searches and deal with the whole hitlist as they wish. This is signalled to addedValues by setting the boolean flag flTakesHitList to true in the action table.

fc2 - a new timed task action, renderMessage, is shipped with addedValues. It renders all paths found in the site structure for each message in the timed task hitlist, which do not have the path attribute noStaticRender with value true.

fc2 - Timed Tasks can now optionally run an updater after the action is successfully run. It is specified on the timed tasks edit page. For messages and gems related timed tasks that use a query to generate the hitlist of entities, the updater is run on each entity.

fc6 - when a timed tasks is disabled; addedValues now checks for the presence of an optional ondisable script in the table containing the action script, if found it runs it just before it disables the timed task, passing the site address and timed task address.

fc6 - an ondisable script was added to the renderFeed timed task action, which deletes the entry from the static pseudo website internally. This has the effect of resetting the time the feed was rendered to the 'dawn of time'.