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This section provides a road map to users of addedValues.

It is structured along the lines of How addedValues menus are structured so that readers can intuitively call upon the material.

The information presented attempts to:

  1. communicate the essence of a function: defining the function, demonstrating the breadth of potential uses
  2. provide detailed step-by-step instructions of what actions must be carried out
  3. be a reference for detailed functions and options
  4. Provide hints. These are not structured in any particular manner, but rather presented when & where they are most pertinent. Hints are presented in italics.

A brief look at mindset before getting into addedValues.
Remember when you started out with metaData? Usually, you heard of a given tool that met some particular need at the time (long since forgotten as you've moved on to bigger & better things!)... And then gradually, you found other things that could be useful. Then John kept getting interesting requests which would get translated into useful tools... But each one was a discovery and we had to spend some time with it to get our arms around it.

addedValues starts off from a much wider perspective. As such, it is not going to be very efficient for you to grab a little bit here, dabble a tad there... addedValues really brings the power of managing a database entirely to a website's Managing Editor. I'd rather be honest: users unfamiliar with databases may have serious difficulties. For the others, you will find that addedValues is a very rich toolbox; you can stretch your mind thinking of applications/web behaviours you can achieve !

But to do so, it requires a good overview of the whole show. You should definitely go through the links immediately shown on the right. Then you can decide how deep in the subsequent levels you want to go. But don't skimp too much. This reading is an investment that pays off later; it is not a banal expenditure!