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Extracting & Presenting Data: READ ME

Read Me Absolutely... A clear understanding of the following will save a lot of time down the road.

The following topics must be preceeded by a fundamental clarification about three tools:


a 'canned' query, where the values of each variables are predetermined.

You may for example want to know the last 10 news items that include the word 'SARS'. You can thus define this query and memorize it with addedValues. You can call this query by name in any page or template & it will render directly (and fast to boot!)


Laying out the input

Input can mean a number of instances. It can mean data entry input, it can mean end-user entry for an open-ended search (not a query, eh?). Thus you can define :
  • multiple forms that allow data entry for loading data : one for loading suppliers, another for loading clients, another for loading employees), and;
  • many forms to conduct different searches : one to search for clients in a given city, one to search for suppliers in a region, and so forth
Each form can then be integrated into an individual story/message or even to a template


what is the output going to look like ?

What the final web page looks like depends on many things.

addedValues allows you to design, using HTML, CSS and JS the look and feel of the search results. This means layout, but it also means things like 'how many records do you want to show on that page'...