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Importing Data: Your Source Data

You may already have your data archived in some format or other. Instead of manually uploading all the data, you can conveniently import it directly into Manila messages. The only step that requires attention & rigour is how the source data matches with the definitions made with addedValues...

Create a tab-delimited text file & upload it as a gem. Comma-delimited files are possible as well, but those get messy when dealing with addresses or numeric fields whose commas designate decimals or seperate thousands...)

This file must have as its first record the name of each variable.

They must match exactly so that addedValues can match your file with the variable structure.

Consider testing your imports. Your source data may be very reliable. Or it may not. addedValues is practical in the sense that it screens each record; if that value does not fit, the record is not loaded. So you can go back, edit your original file and re-import only those records that require cleaning up.