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As indicated in the comparative analysis, queries are predefined questions about:

The query contains indexed variables that are joined by statements such as AND, OR.

The query once degined will result in a list of valid results, which, associated with a report, have a formatted output.

When creating a query, you first define to what object it applies to (messages, user transactions, etc...)

Editing the query is straightforward: include the variable, an operator and an expression, such as find all records with postalCode variable smaller or equal to 32104
Note: literal references must be included in quotes.
You can then concatenate multiple critieria with AND or OR expressions to form a unique query.

Special functions are illustrated on the query editing page.

As an additional benefit, addedValues lists the indexed variables and which operators that are acceptable to use at the bottom of the query edit page.

This query can then be called in any story or template using the addedValues.query macro.