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Note: the following is a help sheet that is distinct yet complimentary to solutions provided by the Linguist plugIn. It applies to instances of multi-lingual sites; the provided framework Can in fact be generically applied when you want to represent data in different ways on different pages

So you have a web site that has one singular set of data, but want to represent it in different languages... Consider the following example.

You have a base language - say French - in which all editors work, but viewers in English and Italian as well. Assume you have one variable whose values are seasons: in French they are: printemps, ÈtÈ, automne, hiver. Then there are the translations of those versions: English (spring, summer, fall, winter) and Italian (primavera, estate, autunno, inverno). How do you do implement this?

The answer goes through the use of global variables that map the translated value to its master value.

Thus I would :

  1. create a variable for my seasons with the following preDefined values: printemps, ÈtÈ, automne, hiver
  2. then I create global variables, say labelsFrench, labelsEnglish, labelsItalian
  3. each of these global variables is then described with its own set of preDefined values. In the case of English, we would have a line for each translated value mapped to its master value:
    Note: do not insert a space between the semi-colon and the master value
  4. with the framework of corresponding values, you can now create one form for each representation. Assume you have a search form. Then you will create one form for each language - say searchFrench, searchEnglish, searchItalian
  5. when you set-up your form, the first characteristic of the rendering of a variable is Select global for labels. Thus in your searchEnglish form you pick labelsEnglish.
  6. once you've clicked on 3. Set Rendering, you'll see a dropDownMenu of your English values. Voil‡!

Caveat emptor :